When people in interviews sometimes they ask you to describe yourself in 3 words. If you want to say that you really do what you do well, and put all your time and efforts into it, you would be a _____ person.

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The kind of person you're talking about is generally called a diligent person. If you're diligent in what you do, you do it with great care and effort. For example:

He never slacks off at work because he's a diligent and hardworking guy.

Another similar word that you might find interesting would be industrious. This word is just a synonym for hardworking.


A very straightforward way of describing these kind of people would be hard-working.


There's the noun "eager beaver" (Urban Dictionary),

Surely, the most common term is "hard worker" (or "hard-worker") - one who is industrious and diligent in carrying out tasks or duties.

As an adjective you can use "hard-working", "diligent", "industrious", "assiduous", and "committed" all of which work in similar way.

In your example I would definitely use "diligent".

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