I know the word be and been.but I don't know use of that

can you someone give some example for it


"Been" is just past participle of the verb to be. I remind you that the verb to be is irregular, so perhaps this is causing a little confusion.

I am         - We are
You are      - You are
He/she/it is - They are

Compared to:

I have been        - We have been
You have been      - You have been
He/she/it has been - They have been

A simple example is:

I am tired. (first person singular of the verb to be present)

I have been tired.  (first person singular of the verb to have with past participle been)

Where you often see "be" used is in its infinitive form "to be", so:

I want to be an engineer.

"been" cannot be used in its infinitive form because it must be the past participle of another verb. In the example below, been is accompanying "to have":

I would have wanted to have been an engineer.  

I hope that clarifies it, though if you have any questions, just ask.

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