In the temperature forecast, 40s means 40 ~ 49 degrees.

However, I have seen both in 40s and in the 40s. Which one is correct, or both? And any reason if there is?

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You should never use news headlines as examples of grammar, as they are nearly always abbreviated.

We would say "temperatures in the 40s" because 'the 40s' is a group or range.


I would think that grammatically, it would 40s. Adding the "," to it, would make it a possessive, using the decade of the years 40-49 as a noun. Example: 1940's fashions included the infamous "zoot suit".

I taught middle school grammar for a good number of years, and would think that good number of fellow teachers would be in agreement.

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    Did you mean to say '(apostrophe) instead of ,(comma)? Dec 20 '20 at 15:31

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