When a person is trying to walk in a straight line such as a drunk person, someone walking the slack rope or someone learning to ride a bike/motorcycle they tent to loose balance and move right and left to keep it, how would you call that She was _____ while riding the bike. Thanks!

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Losing balance will communicate what you mean.

She was losing balance while riding the bike.

The most exact word is probably wavering, another that could work is zigzagging.


There are several possibilities. I don't think it would be the same verb with a bike as it would be with walking (possibly on a tightrope).

The first that comes to mind with walking is tottered. Also teetered.

A drunk person would tend to have staggered. If they almost fell down (or if they did fall down) they would have stumbled.

On a bike they would have wobbled.

I'm sure there are other words as well but these are the first that came to mind.

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