How should I say that a group share the same language?

  • chorus
  • assemblage

Are there any other idioms, expressions or phrases that expresses the meaning?

  • See ethnicity and ethnic group. – Lucian Sava Dec 26 '17 at 21:21

"Ethnical groups" may be taken to refer to sets of individuals sharing a common language as well as common traditions or cultural heritage.

You could also use [language]-speaking group (and any other word: club/class/folk/etc.):

  • English-speaking group
  • Russian-speaking class
  • Spanish-speaking folk

You would describe the group as being colingual, though "colingual" is not a commonly used word and is mainly used in academic settings. In everday English you would just say "[the group] share a common language"


The simplest is: [language] + speakers.

For example:

  • English speakers
  • Spanish speakers

They are native speakers of {language}

That phrase can be used in almost any context. It refers to those who have heard {language} being spoken since infancy and who have learned it as their first language.

  • They may not be native speakers. – SovereignSun Dec 27 '17 at 8:31

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