several years after father had retired on a pension ,an accountant came to india to examine.he discovered that father had never applied for overdue bonuses.

My question is...... why is he not writing in simple past only?sometime he uses simple past ,sometime past perfect?


When we want to mention two events happened in the past, with respect to show which happened before the other, We would use past perfect.

And we usually use after and before with past perfect and it goes this way.

Imagine you had two events in the past

Event 1 ➡️ first happened.

Event 2 ➡️ second happened.

[Before + past tense event(2) ], [past perfect event(1)]

[After past perfect event(1)], [past tense event(2)]

Consider the following examples

  • After the family had had breakfast, they went to the zoo.
  • Jane had read a lot about elephant before she went to the zoo.

Reread your piece of writing this way:

[(several years after father had retired on a pension event(1) ), an accountant came to india to examine event(2). [(He discovered event(2) ) ) (that father **had never applied for overdue bonuses event(2) )].

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That's because the Past perfect indicates something that is happened before the main event or the other event in the sentence

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