I have a hydraulic model which I want to use for a new study, I want to say that I need to check the extend of my model to find out if it is neither big nor small for the new study. How can I say that in a formal report? I have used the word appropriate. Is it correct?

The extend of the model will be reviewed to make sure if it is appropriate for the current study.


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Appropriate is a very good and safe word in a professional setting. If you use it, you are saying it's a model that will do a good job in this application.

I would suggest some other synonyms, but I am not able to understand some of your other language. You have some serious problems. For example, extend is a verb, not an adjective that can be applied to a model. Extent is a similar word, but it's a noun. You need to replace this word with one that makes sense in your context.

It sounds like this is a theoretical model. But you use the words big and small, which are normally reserved for physical objects.

In order to help you we need more information: Is this model a physical object or a theory? What is it about this model that would make it appropriate or inappropriate for your application? It's size? Complexity?

  • Thank's Farnsy for your response. It is a computer model . It is neither Physical nor theoretical model. Thank's again
    – Mike
    Commented Dec 31, 2017 at 4:19

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