I'm just reading Harry Potter, though people say reading books is not going to improve my speaking fluency.

I'm just reading it, marking down all the text I feel I would not be able to say myself, and then learning.

I've made three different diaries for idioms, word meanings, and Harry Potter text.

Is it a good idea, will this ever result in improving my English?


Yes, it definitely can improve your English; however, Harry Potter is a tough book to read, so I'd start out small if I were you. There are very tough idioms and strange grammatical structures in Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling has a penchant for archaisms and odd constructions. I have read some of her Harry Potter books and I can recall her using oddities such as "span" as the past tense of "spin" when it's the archaic simple past tense; "spun" is the modern simple past tense. I just think it's not the best book to start with; however, if you like Harry Potter that much, then you're doing a great job of making three different diaries for idioms, word meanings, and Harry Potter text. This will definitely improve your language skills and help you eventually master the language. I commend you for it, so don't listen to people who have tried to discourage you. Reading books will definitely improve your speaking skills in time. I guarantee it! Godspeed and good luck in your endeavors.

  • Nick, do you have any advice on a good book to read? – colombien Mar 22 at 9:51

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