See this conversation:

Ben: I'm Ben whittaker. I received an e-mail about an interview for the senior intern program.

Lady: Hey, Ben. How's it going?

Ben: It's going good, real good. Thank you.

Lady: Excellent. Take a seat around the corner, and someone from talent acquisition will come get you.

Ben: Thank you. "Talent acquisition"?

In the dictionary

Get: CATCH SOMEBODY [transitive] to catch someone

The police got him in the end.

But, catch in the dictionary refers to negative events such as robberies or something like that

2 FIND/STOP SOMEBODY [transitive]

a) to stop someone after you have been chasing them and not let them get away

‘You can’t catch me!’ she yelled, running away.

b) to find a criminal or enemy and stop them from escaping SYN capture

State police have launched a massive operation to catch the murderer.

If you go back to the city, you’re bound to get caught.

But the above interview context has nothing to do with robberies

What does "get" mean in this sentence "someone from talent acquisition will come get you"?

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'Get' in this context means to come over to where you are and escort you somewhere.

This is the third definition in the dictionary you link to, saying

[transitive] to bring someone or something back from somewhere

In this case, the person being sent to 'get' you is bringing you back to reception, or wherever else they might take you.

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