Question is about the confusion of using word give or take examination or a test for a Tutor and student? We want to learn the use of Give and Take with respect to Examination; a.if we are a student then do we give/take examination?

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    The tutor gives the test and the student takes the test. – Lawrence Jan 4 '18 at 8:32

Think of the exam/test as a physical piece of paper, or as a booklet. The tutor/examiner GIVES the paper/booklet to you, you TAKE the paper/booklet from the tutor/examiner.

Give/take is relatively easy. You have to be careful with write - in English it's the examiner who writes (creates) the exam, but in many other languages it's the student who writes (out the answers to) the exam. This use of 'write' can cause confucion to native English speakers when conversing with non-native English speakers at times!

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  • Actually, in Canadian English (but not American or British English!), it is the student who writes the exam. Here is an example of a webpage from a Canadian university where the student as exam-writer is used consistently. – Canadian Yankee Jan 4 '18 at 18:10

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