I found the following sentence in one of my dictionaries.

The amount of fruit in fruit juices must be 6% in the case of berries and 10% in the case of other fruits.

I would like to know a simple word that can be used instead of "in the case of" in the sentence above. As far as I searched, "for" can be used, but "for" has a lot of meanings, so I would like to know whether there is a more suitable word.


I think for is the best word to use, and I actually can't think of other suitable alternatives. Although for does have many meanings, it is pretty clear what you're trying to say in this sentence.

In the case of is perfectly fine, too. If the writing is technical in nature (it looks like it could be), in the case of might be more appropriate, because it is a little more precise. Otherwise, I think for is suitable for other types of communication.

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