Can anybody please tell me what the difference between some and any is?

Here are two examples:

  1. Can you please give any advice on that?

  2. Can you please give some advice on that?


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Can you give me any advice on this? [Idea: Is advice even possible here?]

Can you give me some advice on this? [Idea: Just give me some advice, there is advice that can be given]


any refers to an amount, no matter how little of it there may be:

Is there any salt left?
--Yes, but there is only the tiniest pinch.

or to a set that is not the null set:

Was any person in the audience wearing a baseball cap?
--Yes, there was a guy wearing a baseball cap.

some refers to an indefinite number:

Were people in the audience wearing baseball hats?
--Yes, some people were wearing baseball hats.
Were there many?
--Well, more than a few to be sure.

or to an indefinite amount:

I would like to try some of your soup, but just a little, please.

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