I'm writing a story, but I seem to have forgotten which of the two is correct.

The sentence I used: "You wouldn't mind if I borrowed this pen, do you?"

But I want to know if it should be:

"You wouldn't mind, do you?"


"You wouldn't mind, would you?"


Tags are helping verbs or modals and must match the tense of the main verb:

  • You wouldn't mind if a borrowed this pen, would you?

  • You like coffee, don't you?

Do you is only be appended to a verb in the present tense.

  • You speak Russian, don't you?

  • You'd like to go, wouldn't you?

  • You should go tomorrow, shouldn't you?

  • They're speaking French, aren't they?

  • He's leaving now, isn't he?

  • You've got it now, haven't you? [just to be funny]

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