This is a part of Les Miserables anime review:

... If you really have the time to watch an anime, do yourself a favor and read the book. This is a mere shadow of what Les Miserables really is. Still a fantastic series in its own right--but as a rabid fan of the novel and the musical, I feel I am being generous with a fourth star...

I don't really understand what he meant with 'right' in this context.


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in one's own right is an idiom, meaning

as a result of one's own claims, qualifications, or efforts, rather than an association with someone else. "he was already established as a poet in his own right"

A good approximation (though not exact) of its meaning is "by itself" or "on its own", e.g. "Still a fantastic series in its own right, but ..." roughly means "A fantastic series (by itself) anyway, but ..."

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