Wanting to indicate that there are things that some people find abhorrent and others savoury, I wrote a sentence

What is hell to one is heaven to another

. After a moment of thought, I changed it to

What is hell for one is heaven for another.

Which form is the correct one? Or is there a third, more correct way to put it? Talk English suggest that the former is correct:

Used to indicate the place, person, or thing that someone or something moves toward, or the direction of something:

But putting both sentences to Grammarly, only the one with "to" is marked as incorrect (it suggest removing the first to which is not the best idea).

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Both "for" and "to" can be Googled:

  • What is normal for one person is abnormal for another.
  • What is natural to one may not be natural to others.

However, I tend to use "for" since it implies "benefits" whereas "to' doesn't and actually works oddly in such context in my opinion.

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