"No Software will be developed for this project".

  1. What's wrong with above sentence?
  2. I get a "Passive voice (consider reversing)" suggestion on the "will be" part from Word grammar checker. However, I don't see a need to reverse it when not sure who/when that particular action take place. Apart from that, Is it grammatically correct or not?
  3. Can it be rephrased in better way because i feel it is bit harsh when read.
  4. Is it generally ok to structure a sentence starting with no?

Please suggest.

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  1. In your sentence, software is capitalized when it shouldn't be (unless it is a proper noun, which I assume it is not).
  2. Apparently (according to here), Microsoft Word gives passive voice: consider revising because the active voice is used more than the passive voice, so it gives feedback to suggest using active voice instead.
  3. I will assume that the sentence is written as

No software will be developed for this project.

It doesn't sound harsh, but you could rephrase it to move the negative away from the beginning:

Software won't (will not) be developed for this project.

  1. Yes, it is perfectly okay to start a sentence with no, but in spoken English it is much more common to find negative contractions instead:

No person should use the elevator in a fire.

People shouldn't (should not) use the elevator in a fire.

No human has three legs.

Humans don't (do not) have three legs.


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