What is the difference between

It's the last time I've explained this to you.


It's the last time I'm explaining this to you.

I mean, this is the situation where I'm explaining something to someone right now. Can I use "the last time" with the Present Perfect or only "the first time/second/third..." when I talk about present actions?

  • You can't use past tense for what you are presently doing. First/second/last doesn't matter as it is just a counter for the present action. – user3169 Jan 12 at 17:13

This is the last time I will explain this to you.

generally the will auxiliary is used, even if the thing is happening in the present. The will explain will occur right after the sentence is uttered. In this case, the will explain means: that I have the intention of explaining this to you.

You can also use the present progressive.

This is the last time I'm explaining this to you. [I am doing that right this second.] or

This is the last time I'm going to explain this to you. [future right at hand]

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