If someone asks "What does she do?" what is the other meaning beside "what is her job?"? can it be " what is her activity?"

  • "What does she do for a living?" means "What is her job?" and "What does she do?" can mean any activity she does.
    – Raj 33
    Commented Jan 21, 2018 at 16:36

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Here are some suggestions for answers to the question

What does she do?

The items of bold text below are the section names in the entry for do in the Cambridge Dictionary:

deal with
She is doing the lighting for the school play

She is doing anthropology at university.

travel (if she is a car or boat)
She'll do over a hundred miles an hour

clean/make tidy
She did my nails last week

She can do you some scrambled eggs.

play (acting)
She does television sitcoms

take drug
She does heroin

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