I have a scenario where I need to answer the below question.

Is there a verification for Sponsor in IDP?

My answer is below.

Yes. If the sponsor is deactivated or expired in IDP, subsequently his/her team members receive emails to change the sponsor details

A simple receive would do here OR will receive is the correct choice?

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"Receive" is fine. It's perfectly natural to use the simple present for ongoing or recurring actions, or to describe processes and procedures:

Every hour the system checks to see if there are any new messages in the queue. If there are, the system routs each to the intended receiver and logs the incident.

"Will receive" is also fine. Just be consistent.

If a sponsor is deactivated the team members will be notified, and will be automatically assigned a new sponsor.

Side note. Your question would be properly phrased as:

Would a simple "receive" do here OR is "will receive" the correct choice?

Remember that questions in English usually start with a question word (who, what, where, etc.) or a (helping) verb (do, would, can, could, should, have, is, etc.), and always end with a question mark.

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