I have heard about the following sentence: He is concerned ___ the plot.

What will be the suitable preposition in the blank?

My assumption: in.


There are two suitable prepositions, about and with. Unfortunately, in would not be appropriate.

From the Oxford Dictionary:

about (preposition): 1. On the subject of; concerning.

I was thinking about you.


with (preposition): 7. In relation to.

My father will be angry with me.


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    In one of its usages, concern is a synyonym for involve, and in that case it wouldn't be incorrect to use in. If I heard "He was concerned in the plot," I would take it to mean that there was some part of the plot that involved him or was about him. – joiedevivre Jan 24 '18 at 9:13
  • @joiedevivre I think you could say concerned for, but I've never heard anyone say concerned in, at least here in California. – Ringo Jan 24 '18 at 17:13
  • concerned for wouldn't mean the same thing at all. The plot concerned a tree-like being named Groot, can only be rendered in passive voice with the same meaning using the preposition in. Groot was concerned in the plot. All other prepositions you've proposed would make it sound like Groot was worried about the plot, not involved in it. This usage is more common in participle phrases, though: the characters concerned in the plot, the parties concerned in the case of Smith v. Jones, the contractors concerned in the construction project. – joiedevivre Jan 24 '18 at 17:57
  • I wasn't suggesting concerned for would mean the same -- only that it fit OK into the sentence the OP posted. And now that you mention "in" in those examples, I see that now, yes. – Ringo Jan 24 '18 at 18:00
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    You could be right. Bad quiz question, though, with so many potential right answers. :) – joiedevivre Jan 24 '18 at 19:22

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