I want to know: what expressions do native speakers use when they give honor, titles and/or awards to other native speakers?

Then I will follow the examples to do my homework.

I translated some of mine from Chinese into English, but I'm not confident at all

Prizes & awards:


Student Excellence of Sichuan University, 2006-2007


The Second Excellent Scholarship of Sichuan University, 2005-2006


The Third Prize at the Sichuan University Advanced Mathematics Competition (Science & Engineering)


The Third Prize at the Thirteenth Sichuan University General Physics Competition


Student Merit of Tongnan County


The County-level Second Prize at the Chongqing Chemistry Competition

  • I am sorry, Zhang Jian, we don't do proofreading on this site, and we definitely don't do translation. The text that you have written certainly does not sound natural, for example rewards should probably be awards. I recommend that you do get this text checked properly before using it. – JavaLatte Jan 24 '18 at 10:17
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    I don't know any Chinese. Judging the English alone, the first description seems to be missing a word; maybe it should say "Recognition for Student Excellence, Sichuan University." The second one might be: Second Prize Scholarship for Student Excellence, Sichuan University. The next: Third Prize, Advanced Mathematics Competition (Science and Engineering), Sichuan University. (Note: It's not "adcanced," it's "advanced.") – Chaim Jan 24 '18 at 13:51
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    Fifth is also missing a word; make it "Recognition of Student Merit, Tongnan County" – Chaim Jan 24 '18 at 13:53
  • 1 Can "Student Merit" be used as a title for merit students? – Zhang Jian Jan 24 '18 at 14:10
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    @ZhangJian This question wasn't closed because it had Chinese characters. It was closed because you asked us to check a list of English phrases for errors, which we call "proofreading" on this site. We're trying to make a library of knowledge for future users, and we do that by focusing on specific questions about the English language. Proofreading helps the original poster, but it usually doesn't help future users very much, so we close those questions as off-topic. – snailplane Jan 25 '18 at 3:23

I will try to answer some of the easier ones, and hopefully that guidance can answer your question fully:

Student Merit of Tongnan County

I would expect, most of the time, you would see this written as Meritorious Student – reason being that the award is going to the student, not to the merit.

The Third Prize at the Thirteenth Sichuan University General Physics Competition

For a university competition, I would omit the definite article. That is, I would leave it simply as:

Third Prize at the Thirteenth Sichuan University General Physics Competition

Student Excellence of Sichuan University, 2006-2007

This one sounds incomplete. I would probably write it as:

Award for Student Excellence at Sichuan University, 2006-2007

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