I came across this phrase in a sentence that goes like this:

He handed me the books and the pizza and we talked for a while. He lingered on the stoop for a moment.

Can anyone please explain what is the meaning of this expression? I couldn't find a proper explanation anywhere.

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It's actually not an idiom. The dictionary should be able to tell you the meaning of the words:

stoop (n): a structure that is part of the front of a house consisting of a few steps leading up from ground level, often with a raised, flat area near the door

linger (v): to take longer than usual to leave or disappear:

So if someone "lingers on the stoop", it means they spent a longer time than usual or expected, on the front part of a house near the door.

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    Thank you! I knew the individual meaning of "linger" and I am more familiar with "stoop" as a verb. I have never seen them used together like this. Jan 28, 2018 at 3:23

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