I know that in the following sentence, the pronoun "it" is used in an incorrect way (repetitious pronoun): In this pamphlet, it says that campers should bring their own tents and blankets.

How should I correct the mistake? a: In this pamphlet says that... b: This pamphlet says that...

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The sentence "In this pamphlet, it says that..." is completely correct.

"It says..." is an impersonal construction.

Examples of usage in native-speaker texts:

"In the report it says 156 acres were sown..." (said by an Australian Member of Parliament).

"In the report it says funding was granted." (said by an Irish councilman)

Granted, it's a bit colloquial. But not incorrect.

"The report says that..." is simply more formal. It is a better choice in a written text when you need to be proper and formal.

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