I've read an article on something from my line of work and I would like to contact the journalist who wrote it and send him results of the research I've done which is closely related to what he wrote about. I was thinking about sending him an email with the research but I'm not sure about the subject line.

Can I write "Follow up on your article about x"?

Is this the right way to use "follow up" phrase?

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    "Is this correct" questions are off-topic. However, you're using the phrase correctly. – LawrenceC Jan 29 '18 at 20:42

That is grammatically correct, I give you a cut-off of a unit concerning this question from the LDOCE 5th edition:

follow something ↔ up (phrasal verb)

  • 1 to find out more information about something and take action if necessary

The police take people’s statements and then follow them up.

  • 2 to do something in addition to what you have already done in order to make it more likely to succeed

follow something ↔ up with

If there is no response to your press release, follow it up with a phone call.

This experiment was quickly followed up by others using different forms of the drug.

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