Shaping Identity in Eastern Europe and Russia: Soviet and Polish Accounts of ...

Authors of survey histories were criticized for focusing on interclass as opposed to intraclass conflict thus ignoring the revolutionary role of the peasantry in the seventeenth century and erroneously labeling the Khmelnytsky uprising as a “ national bourgeois” revolution against Polish trade capitalism.* Particularly harsh was Skubytsky...

I am trying to detect the meaning of “thus” in this text, but with no hope.

I am trying to replace it with therefore or consequently. But it doesn’t make any sense.

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    It means: thereby ignoring, in that way ignoring. The first part of the sentence is X and for that reason, or in that way ignores. – Lambie Jan 31 '18 at 22:24

Thereby is a good choice since it emphasizes that there was a decision (focusing on interclass conflict) and a result (ignoring the revolutionary ...).


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