Can anyone please tell me if I can leave the word the out in the following sentences? Can any teacher on anyone who has good grasp on the language please explain it to me?

1- Nothing is impossible in this world. Everything can be achieved. It depends on the mindsets of people how they cope with tough situations in their lives and how hard they work to reach their goals.

2- The teeth of tigers are very sharp.

Thanks in advance.

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In both examples, you could remove the by restructuring to use possessives.

  1. It depends on people's mindsets how they cope...

  2. Tigers' teeth are very sharp.

As for just removing the from the original sentence:

  1. It would still make grammatical sense, but might not flow as well.

  2. A native English speaker wouldn't say teeth of tigers. You'd either need the, or use a possessive as above.

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