What do we call the action of calling God's name(s) praying to Him for curing a disease. Is it incantation or invocation or something else?

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    Welcome to ELL, Zeeshan. We expect people to do a little research before posting a question. If the research doesn't make everything clear, please add links to your research and explain specifically what you don't understand. In this case, you could look the words up in a good dictionary like this one: dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/incantation. In this case, the difference comes from the latin words in the middle: cantus = song or chant, vox = voice. So the right word depends on whether you sing or say God's name.
    – JavaLatte
    Feb 3 '18 at 10:22

An incantation is a chanted phrase. An invocation is a summoning, a calling-by-name. An incantation can be employed in an invocation; invocation can be the purpose of the incantation.

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