Suppose that you give a suggestion in comment to someone and he says that your comment was helpful.

Is it wrong to say

I am glad that you find it a helpful suggestion.

I know I can use the past tense "found", but I am curious to know how do you read it if the tense is present.

I feel that using the present simple will imply a sense of politeness or formality. Is that right?


The fact that it helped refers to some event that already occurred, so it has to be past tense.

I am glad that you found it (to be) a helpful suggestion.

To make it present tense, if in-progress -

I am glad that you are finding it (to be) a helpful suggestion.

or just a suggestion in the present (the suggestion hasn't been tried yet) -

I will be glad if you find it (to be) a helpful suggestion.

But really your gladness can only occur after the fact, so in your context it needs to be past tense.

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