The teacher moved the students to action.

I found out that the word action is a noun. Then, what exactly does the verb move mean here then? It cannot mean cause for action is a noun. Could you help me clarify it? Thanks.


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When we move others to act, we often do so by speaking in a convincing or rousing way of the need for action. A speech can move some members in the audience to act.

In this specific context (where a person moves a person) the word move means to bring others to do something, especially by persuasive speech or oratory.

In general contexts, the word move when used in the following patterns simply means "to bring or cause someone to do something".

The patterns are as follows:

Someone|something moves someone to {bare infinitive}

The music was so lively they were moved to dance. verb

Their leader's extreme positions moved some members of his own party to speak out.verb

The rent increase moved the tenants to complain. verb

Someone|something moves someone to {noun that expresses some action or emotional state}

In the final scene of the play, the actor moved the audience to tears. noun

The trio's slapstick antics moved the audience to laughter. noun

When they heard how their friends had been mistreated, they were moved to anger.noun

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