For example:

The presents that I'm going to give you you'll have to share with your brothers.

Does this sentence sound natural? If not, how could it be rearranged?

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Yes, it is grammatically correct to place two yous consequently because they are in different cases: the first one is in the oblique case (indirect object), the second one is the subject of the sentence.

I would rearrange the sentence slightly to make it sound more naturally:

The presents I'm going to give you, you'll have to share with your brothers.


It is something someone might say, but unless you were quoting spoken words it would be very odd to write that sentence. And if you did write it, there would be a temptation to put some punctuation between the two you(s), not least because when spoken there would certainly be a pause between them. A full-stop (period) would do. A colon, possibly.

It is certainly not right for formal use.

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