I have just heard that he has/released a new ep called "bla bla bla"

I think past simple fits better here because first, the release happens, of course ,before I have heard the news of it and it is a single action we are only talking of the new one. Am I right?

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While both past and perfect are possible, it is natural to use perfect (has released). The release of the ep is a past event with consequences in the present (you knowing about it) You are talking of the present state of the ep, rather than about a past action. We don't care about exactly when it was released. Present perfect is the tense used in this situation.

I've just heard that he has released ep "bla bla bla"

If you changed to talk about a past time the use the past tense

I've just heard that he released ep "bla bla bla" yesterday

  • but in my mind the release corresponds to a precise moment even if i did not precise the date
    – Yves Lefol
    Commented Feb 18, 2018 at 12:43

Your sentence sounds like it is complete news to you that the ep has been released, like you are surprised. I would use present perfect in that case. If you want to use past tense add when it was released.

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