What does the writer mean by the sentence in bold? (He is a native Kiwi English speaker.)

Hi everyone,
The door code is now 1111.
Commence many frustrating/embarrassing mistakes.

  • My guess is that he is making a joke and wants to say that people will start to use the wrong old code and it will be embarrassing. Just needed yo make sure.
    – Maryam
    Feb 19, 2018 at 22:29

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Yes, this is just a joke. Notice the use of "commence" — normally used only in formal contexts, in an informal setting. The grammar is very relaxed, in fact, it is arguably ungrammatical, as you can't "commence a mistake". But not a worry because it's just a joke.


It's a slightly cheeky way to note that the change will probably result in many frustrating/embarrassing mistakes - jokingly phrased as if the writer himself officially "initiates" the mistakes.

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