I would like to comprehend the meaning of the word aesthetic. For some context

Aesthetically pleasing work.

How do I use this word? How do I use esthetic in a sentence. I have consulted the oxford dictionary.

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    Jan 17, 2014 at 2:42

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The noun aesthetic refers to a quality or aspect of something which appeals to the senses. The plural form aesthetics refers to multiple of these aspects, or to the philosophy of beauty in general.

For example, to describe the aesthetic of a house is to appreciate its form, as opposed to considerations like its price or construction. To debate the aesthetic of a poem is to argue about how pleasing it sounds, as opposed to its symbolic depth or its literary impact.

To call something aesthetically pleasing is in essence to call it beautiful, i.e. pleasing to the senses, but particularly the senses of sight and hearing— it would be unusual to describe a delicious meal or an aromatic perfume so. One might contrast something which is aesthetically pleasing with something which is intellectually pleasing, for example— something which may be clever, or mathematically elegant, or rich in cultural references, but may not evoke a visceral sensory appreciation.

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