I would like to ask a question about the following sentence, please: My favorite place is Disneyland. What is the subject of this sentence. Thank you

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  • A subject normally precedes the verb, so what do you think the subject here is? – BillJ Feb 27 '18 at 9:24

In your sentence, the subject is place.

This question is answered by the details that were provided. The subject and predicate differ in the below two sentences because a different noun is the subject in each instance.

My favorite place is Disneyland - passive voice: place is the subject

Disneyland is my favorite place - active voice: Disneyland is the subject

The sentences say the same thing. The only difference is the first sentence conveys the message directly while the second version conveys it more indirectly.

  • Sorry, but you've got that wrong. The subject in "My favorite place is Disneyland" is the full NP "my favourite place". And both examples are active voice. Passive clauses are formed from active clauses with a transitive verb. But "be" is always intransitive, so it cannot be used to form passive clauses. – BillJ Feb 28 '18 at 8:13

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