It is from an article entitled "I stopped drinking coffee for a week — and it made me physically ill"

I love coffee—black coffee, specifically. Cream or sugar only interfere with the flavor of my beloved drink.

Before this experiment, I usually had three or four cups a day. This usually consisted of two before I left the house, another one or two at work, and then maybe one later in the afternoon if I needed a pick-me-up. My office is right above a coffee shop, so you could say I wasn't exactly set up for success.

I am confused why the writer used the bold phrase. Does the writer want to quit drinking coffee? But, it doesn't mention in the sentences. Could anyone explain to me?

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The narrator wanted to try to stop drinking coffee. But because she/he loves coffee too much, it's physically hurt her/him to quit drinking coffee. As for that bold sentence, she knew in the beginning that it would be a very difficult thing to do because access to getting coffee is so easy, it's right below her office.

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