Should i say

Are you sure you will play the next match ?


Are you sure you are playing the next match ?


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Both of them are correct and both of them ask essentially the same question. There is, however, a very subtle difference between these two sentences that could influence me to prefer one over the other in different situations.

Simple future is often used for statements of intent. So your first choice is more natural if your are asking whether the person is sure that they intend to play. For example:

It looks like you twisted your ankle badly in the last match. Are you sure you will play the next match?

There is reason to believe that the player's intent may have changed, so you can use simple future to ask about the new state of their intent.

On the other hand, present progressive often refers to fixed plans to do something. So the second choice would be more natural if I'm asking about plans that have already been made. For example:

I thought that your match had been scheduled for tomorrow. Are you sure that you are playing the next match?

Here the question is about the state of the fixed plans for the next match. This time it's less about what the player intends to do and more about what the plan is for what they will do.

Again, this difference is very subtle. In many cases your two sentences are going to be interchangeable.

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