• I like her the most

I know this is okay, but how about these?

  • I like her the second most
  • I like her the third most
  • I like her the least
  • I like her the second least

Are they ok?

If not, why?

If yes, how come I don't see them on Google?

  • Google is not a linguist. It is a recording mechanism. It records things from stuff found online. It is not a grammarian or English checker. – Lambie Mar 12 '18 at 19:31

They are all OK. They're not very typical, simply because it's not common to rank people or things beyond the most/least or "second most"/"second least".

As far as why you're not seeing them in Google results, it might be because you're searching for them as individual words, rather than as a phrase. Try using quotation marks:


These sentences are just fine, besides the fact they are missing a period. You can't expect to find every single sentence on Google. I like her the third most means out of a certain number of people, you enjoy her less than 3 of the people, but more than the rest. I like her the least. Least just means out of everyone else, you don't like her more than anyone.

Next time trying use a dictionary to break down the individual parts.


There is a list of people.

I like her the most. [of those five people] I like her the least. [of those five people]

Of all the people on the list, I like her second most.

Usually, we don't go beyond second. She ranks third as the person I like most or least. She comes in third position as the person I like most or least.

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