Let's say I'm driving a long way home from work and have lost track of where I am in relation to home. I suddenly notice the exit sign for the city of Van Nuys, which is 45 minutes from home. I get surprised because I thought I've driven a lot farther and should've been much closer to home. Are these idiomatic to say?

"I'm only at Van Nuys?!"

"I've only hit it this far?!"

"I've only made it this far?!"

"I've only made/hit it to Van Nuys?!"

"I've only made it as far as Van Nuys?!"

"I've only come this far?!"

Is there another more common saying?

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Your phrases

I'm only at Van Nuys.
I've only made it to Van Nuys.
I've only made it as far as Van Nuys.
I've only hit Van Nuys.

are idiomatic for talking to someone on the phone telling them where you are

I've only come this far?

is idiomatic when asking the rhetorical question

There is also

Q: Where are you?
A: I got to Van Nuys (so far).

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