I need to give a Toastmasters speech (A Dramatic Talk from the The Entertaining Speaker manual). Here is the task:

  • Develop an entertaining, dramatic talk about an experience or incident, or give a dramatic reading.
  • Include vivid imagery, characters and dialogue.
  • Deliver the talk in an interpretative manner.

I am unsure about the word "dramatic" here. Does it just mean an exciting, suspense-filled, thrilling story? Or is there another meaning to the word drama, e.g., does it imply a tragedy of some sort?

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    It's Characteristic of, or appropriate to, [a / the] drama; often connoting animated action or striking presentation, as in a play; theatrical. But don't take it too literally - the task wording is just intended to remind you that you're supposed to entertain the audience with your talk/speech/monologue. As if you were up on stage, in a theatre. – FumbleFingers Jan 17 '14 at 6:33

" dramatic " means :

  1. sudden , surprising or impressive .

  2. Showing a lot of emotion in a way that makes other people notice .

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