How often -if any- are the possessive-pronouns "its" or "his" used?

Based on many sites and books, the possessive pronouns for 3rd person singular for people or nouns it's "its" (for "it") or "his" (for "he") correspondingly.

It means that if I want to say "this car belongs to him.", I can say "the car is his.". Or if I want to say that "The lid belongs to this cooking pot." then I can say "It is its.". These examples equal to "It is mine." (in 1st person singular) or "It is yours." in 2nd person singular. No doubt that this is the grammatical form for the possessive pronouns (see the table below and the link above to Cambridge dictionary).

My question is how often we use "its" and "his" as possessive pronouns? For this question I found a partial answer in Cambridge dictionary which states: "*We avoid using its and one’s as possessive pronouns except when we use them with own". It seems that except for "its" we don't avoid using other possessive pronoun such as "his". But I've never heard someone who say "This is his." or something like that using "his" as possessive pronoun. Isn't it?

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