I know the meaning of this sentence, but still, when I read the sentence, it gives me another meaning (slight different). I mean;

  • He was afraid and trembling. These two actions are done together.
  • But the meaning of the (Trembling with fear) is that fear has caused the trembling.
  • However, they ultimately have the same meaning.
  • I don't understand the meaning of (with) in this sentence.
  • The women shed tears of grief. in this sentence can I replace ''OF'' with ''WITH''?
  • What's difference between WITH and OF?

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It is an idiomatic usage of with meaning:

because of or caused by someone or something:

  • He winced with pain. I was trembling with fear. She's been at home with a bad cold for the past week. I can't work with all that noise going on.

(Cambridge Dictionary)


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