I know that

I fully understand your feelings.

is correct but I wondered why we cannot use

I am fully understand your feelings.

  • It helps to take out adverbs to check your sentence is grammatically correct. Adverbs should not change the grammar (only the meaning). Then you get “I am fully understand”, which should sound wrong. – whiskeychief Jul 24 '19 at 10:34

The word be (of which am is the first person singular) in this sentence either requires an adjective (I am hungry), or a continuous form (I am running). So if you're using am, the correct form would be understanding. However, that does sound a bit weird as understanding is not normally a continuous process that ends at some point (like running): you either understand something, or you don't. So that's why the first sentence is correct.

One use where you do have the continuous is the conditional: If I'm understanding you correctly, ..., as here you might find that you didn't actually understand. But even here the simmple form sounds better (If I understand you correctly, ...)

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