What does it mean when one says a vampire sparkles? As I know, sparkling means: "shine brightly with flashes of light".

The phrase in question is "not all who sparkle are vampires" in the book Data Smart: Using Data Science to Transform Information into Insight.

  • Where did you get this? Do you have a citation? Please add a link, otherwise it might just be guessing.
    – Peter
    Mar 17 '18 at 19:35

This is an allusion to the saying "all that glitters isn't gold".

The idea of sparkling vampires comes from the Stepahnie Meyer's Twilight Saga:

Due to the crystalline properties of their cells, when a vampire is exposed to sunlight, their body will sparkle like diamonds. (Source: Twilight Saga Wiki)

  • The last element of the context in the source is that it is discussing a group of wine drinkers who prefer Champagne and other sparkling (=bubbly) wines.
    – James K
    Mar 17 '18 at 22:03

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