Is there any word or phrase like that?


Ichikawa’s in a one-bedroom apartment with typical __: table, futon, refrigerator, bathroom.

I can't use furniture because of refrigerator and bathroom.

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The word that's closest to what you're looking for would probably be furnishings:

Furniture, fittings, and other decorative accessories, such as curtains and carpets, for a house or room.


In the end, the cost of the house and its furnishings totaled more than one million dollars.

Who knows, maybe there is a more specific term for this where seemingly different things such as a refrigerator and a bathroom do fall under the same category. I can't really think of one word that would encompass all of furniture, appliances and rooms like that. The term amenities is possible, but I'm not sure if a table can be considered an amenity. For example:

His apartment has all the typical amenities: modern furniture, bathroom, refrigerator etc.

You could also say all the typical conveniences.

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