The sentence is from March 2018 Reader's Digest. What does the sentence mean?

She had a whole list going.

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    You have tagged this question as "meaning-in-context", yet, ironically, you have provided no context. Reader's Digest publishes jokes, snippets, puzzles, recipes, inspirational stories, and articles about sundry topics such as travel, celebrities, film, and gardening. Where did this come from? As a member for over 2 years who has asked more than 140 questions, I'd expect better than this. – J.R. Mar 26 '18 at 17:44

Depending upon the context there is an another possible meaning in addition to that offered by tjp. This could be a rhetorical idiom. The speaker is talking about another female (the She) and is enumerating some of her behaviours, or foibles, or boyfriends). By using "a whole list going" we indicate that there are a lot of things to enumerate, more than a person can remember.

Well you know XXX, she can never have too many hobbies; Monday morning its Pilates, afternoon she's at the bookclub, then Tuesday ... well I could go on, she's got a whole list going!

Example of this Maggie Dove by Susan Breen.


It means that she has gone to the trouble of creating a list for just this purpose. You'd need more context to understand why, but the implication is that going to the extent of creating a list is more than the average person would bother to do. The subject has put an unusual amount of effort into pursuing whatever it is the sentence refers to.

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