It was used in Crash Course A&P. It is at 1 minute and 47 second. Here is the context.

It is kind of like this: you don't want to clean out your fridge just by taking out the rotten fruit and fuzzy leftovers.

I have checked all the meaning of the word fuzzy, but cannot get in which sense the speaker used it. Does he mean that he does not know what those leftovers were?

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"Fuzzy leftovers" refers to the mold that grows on food when it rots. The mold can look like fur or fuzz, and therefore it is said to be fuzzy.

Not to be confused with the positive meaning of fuzzy, as in warm and fuzzy. There fuzzy means like a teddy-bear.

Finally, there is fuzzy logic: logic based on degrees of truth, rather than a binary yes or no.

All three have in common: something that is not clearly distinguishable, as a semantic trait.

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