It is in Crash Course A&P. It is at 7 minute and 52 second. Here it goes:

An area of your brainstem, called the pons, contains two different centers that lock down your urination control, or lack of it.

I have looked up all the meanings lock down has, but still not sure what the speaker means there. Does he mean the two centers have control over urination?

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I think that the speaker intends a meaning such as determine.

The only dictionary definition of lock down I can find with a similar kind of meaning is

to make an arrangement definite so that it will not change

as in

we need to lock down a date for this meeting

I would not recommend the use of lock down as shown in your example. There is almost certainly an English word that means exactly what needs to be said. Perhaps determine or implement or provide. The phrase lock down has strong other meanings, relating to police actions and computer security; I can't see a good reason to use it in this context.


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