I'm not sure if this is the correct written way:

"Who took the test? Mark?"

Is that the appropriate way to write that, or is there a punctuation mark that I'm missing?

I can always re-phrase it as,

"Did Mark take the test"?


"Was it Mark who took the test?"

But I'd like to know if the first way is appropriate.


Your punctuation is ortographically correct.

In English, the question mark typically occurs at the end of a sentence, where it replaces the full stop. However, the question mark may also occur at the end of a clause or phrase, where it replaces the comma:

Is it good in form? style? meaning? or:

"Showing off for him, for all of them, not out of hubris—hubris? him? what did he have to be hubrid about?—but from mood and nervousness." - - from Wikipedia

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