I'm not sure if this is the correct written way:

"Who took the test? Mark?"

Is that the appropriate way to write that, or is there a punctuation mark that I'm missing?

I can always re-phrase it as,

"Did Mark take the test"?


"Was it Mark who took the test?"

But I'd like to know if the first way is appropriate.

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Your punctuation is ortographically correct.

In English, the question mark typically occurs at the end of a sentence, where it replaces the full stop. However, the question mark may also occur at the end of a clause or phrase, where it replaces the comma:

Is it good in form? style? meaning? or:

"Showing off for him, for all of them, not out of hubris—hubris? him? what did he have to be hubrid about?—but from mood and nervousness." - - from Wikipedia


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