How can I use the passive voice in the next sentence?

"Don't play on the grass, boys," she said.


The original sentence contains a quotation. If I was asked to modify the structure of a sentence I would not change the quotation, otherwise, you now have a misquote.

As the only part of the sentence not a quotation is "she said", the only way I can see you can make this passive would be:

"Don't play on the grass, boys," was said by her.

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    It's only a misquote if you're actually quoting a real person. If you're writing a story, then it's perfectly reasonable to change what's inside the quotation marks. :-) – godel9 Mar 29 at 6:14

You could make the sentence in quotes into the passive voice in the following way:

"The grass is not to be played on, boys," she said.

This sentence is a little softer, since it emphasizes that there's a rule against playing on the grass, rather than the fact that the boys are playing on the grass and therefore breaking the rule.

I might say it this way if I were talking to someone else's children. If I were talking to my own children, I'd definitely say, "Don't play on the grass, boys."

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