I've seen a lot "I may just go lay myself down on the bed" in movie. I think they are same. Are they right? "I'd like to lay myself down on the bed." VS "I'd like to lie down on the bed."

"Laying myself down on the bed is great feeling." VS "Lying down on the bed is great feeling."

  • Lay is an active verb, while lie is a passive verb. After you lay (physical movement) on the bed, then you lie (passive, non-movement) on the bed. – Ron Maupin Apr 2 '18 at 0:31
  • He lay the book on the table [active verb]; He lies on this bed at night. [active verb]. There is nothing passive about these verbs. – Lambie Apr 2 '18 at 14:07
  • @RonMaupin - I think maybe you mean "transitive" and "intransitive", but "You lay on the bed" is only correct in the past tense. In the present tense you have to lay something else on the bed. – stangdon Apr 2 '18 at 15:44
  • @stangdon Yes, lay is the past of lie. – Lambie Apr 2 '18 at 15:48

AmE speech typically mixes up lay and lie.

"I may just go lie down on the bed"; the action of a person is: lie down

"I will lay your clothes on the bed when they dry.": what you do to a thing

In colloquial American speech, lay down is used for lie down. It is marked as dialectal and probably uneducated speech. (Uneducated speech does not mean I am judging it here. I am not.)

Lying down on a bed can make you feel better if you are not feeling well.

Laying your clothes out on the bed on a chair is a useful way make your mornings easier.

Please note the verb forms:

I lie, I lay [yesterday], I have lain [gerund: lying]

I lay, I laid [yesterday], I have laid [gerund: laying]

There are many sites on the Internet with exercises for these verbs, which many people do mix up, even native speakers.

  • Anyway, can't I put "myself" in that sentence? Is it weird or unnatural ? – 이관우 Apr 1 '18 at 21:21
  • Which sentence? What do you mean?? I lie down, you lie down. BUT: I lay the book on the table. – Lambie Apr 2 '18 at 14:08
  • I may just go lie myself down on the bed – 이관우 Apr 2 '18 at 14:33
  • I would like to lie myself down on the bed. – 이관우 Apr 2 '18 at 14:34
  • Lying myself down on the bed is great feeling.(me) – 이관우 Apr 2 '18 at 14:35

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